Hi. I'm Alex Bowman.

Product Manager and Entrepreneur in Austin, Texas

I also enjoy coffee, traveling, and photography.

Since I started using Foursquare, I've visited 9 countries and 38 states.

In the last year, I've been to 122 unique places (including 16 coffee shops) and I've taken over 288 photos.

Alex Bowman
a sno-ball
summer in palm springs
bombay beach ruins
marfa pop 2121

Filmstock looks for film cameras in the inventories of camera stores across the US. Create and save customized searches, check current inventory, and be alerted as soon as new cameras are stocked.

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More than four years after introducing advertising on its platform, Twitter has changed the way businesses create ads. And as with any game in which the rules have shifted, players adapt by developing new strategies.


Hey, it's this website. My personal website that includes a Flickr API-based photo portfolio, some stats gathered using Foursquare's API, and a simple blog using Wagtail.

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Brandery startup aims to change home buying
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When Alex Bowman and his wife moved back to Cincinnati last year, they thought they knew what neighborhood they wanted to live in. After all, they had grown up here and they knew the different communities.